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Drawn into the Dream


How Drawing Your Dreams Can Take You to the Land of Awes



Dreams come in a visual form and when you make a simple sketch of them, magic happens. And, yes, we know that you don’t think you can draw, but all the better says the author. With just some stick figures and splotches of color your unconscious will assist you in creating a connection to your deep poetic interior self that is trying to clarify your life.

In this book you will see how, with that bare-bones drawing, you can work on a dream in such a way that the dream comes alive before your eyes and gives you direction, encouragement, warning, validation and other help with that messy life of yours. In this process, a sense of awe will likely appear. Awe is that wonderful emotion that pervades this book as the author weaves his life’s tale around the myriad of dreams contained here. In this book you will see how drawing a pair of shoe/ laces in a dream saved a life, how drawing a grief-eating panther brought peace to the daughter of a suicide victim and how drawing monkey dung lead to the 12 step recovery program, amongst a myriad of other dream tales and humorous and compelling stories.

A fun and enlightening read as the author makes you feel completely Awe-full.

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