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Don’t Mess With Stress


A Simple Guide to Managing Stress, Optimizing Health, and Making the World a Better Place



What are the habits, techniques, and philosophies of people who successfully manage their stress, while thriving physically and mentally?  Don’t Mess with Stress™–A Simple Guide to Managing Stress, Optimizing Health, and Making the World a Better Place, by Jill R. Baron, MD, a leader in the field of Integrative and Functional Medicine, provides a roadmap for navigating today’s challenging environment. Inspiring examples of successful coping strategies taken from her own experiences and those of others illustrate how the principles spelled out in this book can transform your life.

Don’t Mess with Stress™ begins by guiding you through the four Foundational Steps that can strengthen your immune system and build emotional, mental, and physical resilience. Dr. Baron goes on to provide simple tools to help you gain control over negative thinking and trying circumstances, allowing you to respond rather than react.

Dr. Baron believes that reducing stress and improving general health make for a friendlier world. Being kinder to ourselves and others ultimately smooths the way in our everyday encounters, preventing the confrontations and complications that a stressed mindset can aggravate. Don’t Mess with Stress™ offers a uniquely accessible path toward achieving inner peace and wellness.

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