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Curiosity Heals the Human


How to Solve “Unsolvable” Medical Challenges with Better Questions and Advanced Technologies



Feeling stuck when we want to feel better is awful. In Curiosity Heals the Human, David Haase, MD delivers a surprising and refreshing re-thinking of what it takes to get what we want from the latest medical advances. Good medical care that is right-fit for our needs is one of the most important resources we can have. Without our health, we are unable to pursue our dreams and fulfill our unique position in this world. Yet our standards have become so low for the kind of help we hope to receive. We’ve come to unknowingly accept overly simplistic diagnoses and treatments as our definition of good medical care. What about the complex clusters of causes for each of our symptoms? What about a level of well-being that far exceeds freedom from disease? What about the interrelated systems within each of our biological systems that are inextricably tied together? Ultimately, what can we do to create within ourselves a state of maximum wellness? The curiosity behind these questions and more takes us far beyond the traditional answers of status-quo medicine. Join David Haase MD as he shares with us his most powerful questions and answers in the riddle of creating health. Years of patient care, research, and innovation have made him passionate about shifting the paradigm of healthcare towards solutions and questions which honor our bodys’ miraculous power to heal. New solutions to retrain the brain, to monitor tumor load, to find new resources to get you unstuck are inside. You may be surprised to learn that your need for better answers for your health challenges will be satisfied best with better questions. Curiosity Heals the Human.

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