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7Seeds of Coaching

A Human Development Model along East-West Psychology



7seeds® offer the matrix of human exists in an approachable version for personal development and transformative change. This offers the expansion of human potential.

7seeds® is a post-conventional model of human potential beyond identity drawing upon East-Western Psychology of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and Creative Expression within Psychology. The coaching approach of 7seeds® combines the Eastern philosophy of this ancient scripture with modern techniques of art and dance to support individuals to return to soul alignment.
The book spans mystic paths across cultures, looks into topics of awakening and self-actualization while offering practical tools for seekers and practitioners alike. 7seeds® from the coaching perspective envelopes seven stages of identity from human embodiment to mere transcendence while offering the reader to unpack their own journey of evolution and that of their clients. The model suggests that living life on Earth can embrace all states of consciousness simultaneously. Case Studies that have been conducted, though are not part of this presentation, have shaped the model and its explanations. This book presents the basic model and its coaching approach while offering background on a path of transformation.

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