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Frequently Asked Questions

Marian and her team of media professionals are available to provide you with the virtual library and bookstore solutions you’re looking for.

The BPB Concierege service is designed to custom curate a list of web-based resources, so we can make your library/bookstore contain almost anything you would like. With the overwhelming amount of information available online, we cut through the noise and make a searchable database based on your specific requests. This is not a sales site, although the products will be linked to sites where you can purchase products. There will also be links to free downloadable information and videos. We are also happy to host photos and documents from your organization.  Running a conference? We have 27+ years in the convention business. We will create a seemless addition to your offering to your speakers and attendees. Want to sell the “virtual bookstore” to a sponsor? Sure go ahead, we will include whatever content on your landing page you would like.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get for my fee?2020-03-13T13:00:14+00:00

We will research and develop a custom curated list of titles and resources to include books, videos, photos, author supplied additional content, and posting of any additional content from the client. That will amount to about 100 unique items in the library/bookstore or about 8-10 new listings each month on the subscription. Additional listings may be added for a fee.

Can I customize my library home page?2021-02-24T17:30:33+00:00

Yes! The library home page has a basic look, but additional themes and color elements can be added to co-ordinate with your own organization’s look. Ask Marian for customization details and the associated fees.

What is the cost?2020-03-13T13:07:43+00:00

The one-time setup fee for a conference bookstore is $300. The link will be live for one year.

For a custom library the fee is $25 per month.

How do I get started?2020-03-11T15:51:13+00:00

We need to know what you are looking to include in your library. We have a survey that will ask about your interests and upcoming needs. For a conference bookstore, we have a speaker survey that you can distribute to your speakers. The speakers will be able to recommend their own books, or any other resources that they may mention in their presentation. They can also suggest additional content that can be linked back to their own websites.

How does this benefit my conference?2020-03-13T14:17:29+00:00

For conferences, this is an added benefit to your attendees. People attend your conference to learn and be informed. The virtual bookstore is an extension of the educational benefits of attending your conference. The virtual conference bookstore can help to attract quality presenters by giving them a place where they can have their material made available post-conference, with direct links to their own websites. You can also allow your presenters to put their power point presentation or other visuals into the virtual library. And lastly, if you are trying to attract sponsors, you can sell the virtual bookstore as a sponsorship. We would put the sponsor’s logo, message, and link to their site on the custom landing page.

How does a library benefit my organization?2020-03-13T13:52:46+00:00

Having a company or department library can be an indispensible resource to any organization. Regardless of what your talent development and performance goals are, having a curated list of resources is a huge time savings.

The subscription service allows for ongoing changes to your mission. We will specifically research subject matters per your requests. The booklist is downloadable as a pdf, so that a “reading list” can be pulled from the database and distributed to training sessions.

For many organizations that work remotely, the library can be a hub for people to make recommendations and to post photos. Posting photos of company outings, puts a face to the name of people that may be located anywhere in the world. This is a great team building tool.


Additional Questions? Ask Marian.

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