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Managing information is the key to success! But how can you find the resources for your department’s talent and performance development?  Ask Marian, your virtual librarian!

Marian will curate a list of resources for your specific needs. Books, articles, and videos, are all searchable, with the ability to create your own custom library.

Don’t have time to research resources for a project? Ask Marian.

Need a bibliography for a training program? Ask Marian.

Want to create a department or company archive? Marian will post photos, articles, and videos of your company’s events.

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A Custom Bookstore For Your Conference or Library For Your Organization

The BreakPoint Books Concierge Service will create a custom website for you that will contain books, videos, articles, and any content from your organization that you would like archived. Your site will be constantly updated with the most current resources, and will be totally searchable.

Do you need specific information or resources for a project you are working on? Just ask Marian (the virtual librarian), and we will add those items to your database. Do you need a bibliography for a presentation? Tag your search and download the search into a pdf document.


Custom Curated

Book Lists

Links to Videos

and Articles

Archiving of Your

History and Events